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Samuel David: Bio

Samuel David Erwin was born on St. Paddy's Day, March 17,1951 in Columbia,S.C. How appropriate for a young lad with Irish blood flowing through his veins. He began playing and studying guitar at the age of 14 and soon was playing with local rythm and blues and beach music bands. Early musical influences included the Beatles, Steve Cropper, Jimi Hendrix, Terry Kath, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfield, Wes Montgomery, John McLaughlin and Miles Davis. The variety of these artists would be paramount in the developement of Samuel David's ability to be comfortable and excel in various styles of musical expression. Over the years he has traveled the world performing and recording with many artists including the Sensational Epics, Wildfire, Sanctuary, the Drifters, Coasters, Percey Sledge, Marvin Gaye, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Tiny Tim, the Thrasher Brothers, the Imperials, Brenda Lee, the Judds, Charly McClain, Dobie Gray, Otis Blackwell,Bobby Whitlock, Paul Overstreet and Holly Dunn. He has performed on the Grand Old Opry, the Wheeling Jamboree, Hee Haw, Austin City Limits, Nashville Now, Music City Tonight and other TV shows. David has worked theater gigs in New York City and has appeared in several movies. Samuel David is an active studio musician having worked in Atlanta, New Orleans, L.A. and Nashville. He has played on records, demos, local and national jingles and movie and TV soundtracks. He also works as a producer for records, demos and jingles. As a guitarist Samuel David is a perfectionist. But he has always been able to transcend the physical into the realm of pure emotion, soul and spirit. At one point in his career he was recording with legendary musician/singer Bobby Whitlock (Derek & the Dominoes). After listening to a playback of a solo Samuel David had just overdubbed, Bobby turned from the console looked him in the eye and said,"You got what Eric (Clapton) and Duanne's (Allman) got." Enough said ! An active songwriter, Samuel David has had songs recorded by the Four Tops, Marie Osmond, Louise Mandrell, Brook Benton, the Archers, Charly McClain as well as others. He has recieved writer and publisher awards from the American Songwriter Festival and ASCAP. On the spiritual front Samuel David became a born again, Spirit-filled believer in Jesus Christ in the summer of 1972 - a journey that has worked much humility and maturity into his life. Through Dance Like David Ministries and his musical and spiritual
giftings it is his desire to enlighten through truth and encourage with hope all who have ears to hear.